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Cronin Movers manages workplace relocation projects for businesses completing internal moves and relocations, domestically and internationally, working collaboratively with your team to ensure a seamless on-site service to maintain business continuity in your workplace. 

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30+ years experience in workplace relocation

We have been involved in helping business move to new premises since our inception in 1988. Throughout this time, every lesson learned and obstacle overcome has been distilled down and used to help shape our values and methods, making us one of the industry leaders in best practice.

Why choose us for your workplace relocation?

Relevant training in relocations

All of our team members are trained on a continual basis, so they are always up to date with the latest in health and safety, mechanical and electrical engineering processes. This ensures that no relocation can stump our team, they will always have the know-how to solve any issues.

Workplace Relocation Services

A specialist project manager will be assigned to your relocation from start to finish. We believe that strong and efficient communication is a vital contributing factor to a successful relocation project, so our team will be working closely with yours to identify the optimal processes to complete your move.

A brief overview of our process

Initial conversation to identify your needs

Site visit to assess scale and challenge of the relocation

Full quotation with breakdown of costs and proposed schedules

Decommissioning of specialist equipment

Packaging and loading of all equipment and furniture, specialist equipment packed separately

Transport to new premises or to temporary storage facility

Unloading, locating & Installing Equipment and furniture at the new premises

Recommission of all specialist equipment, including IT/Telecoms setup

We also provide all the legal documentation you’ll need!

(Fire safety certificates, electrical safety certificates etc.)

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