Top 5 pitfalls in office relocations

Planning an office relocation is a significant undertaking. While the initial focus will be on finding the right office in the right location the attention will quickly turn to getting all the logistics in place to ensure the move goes smoothly. It can be easy to get lost in the detail of all the move logistics and have your plans totally scuppered by some of the most common pitfalls in relocations. Obviously as Workplace Relocations specialists we would recommend you get your relocations service provider on board as early as possible in the process, to help avoid these pitfalls and ensure a seamless relocation. The 5 most common in office relocation are:

1. Utility or Network Issues:
Don’t underestimate the challenge of ensuring all key services will be connected for your relocation date. You will be amazed at how long it can take utility companies to provide services to your new location. Then there is the challenge of IT services and connectivity. No business can function without their IT services fully up and running. While the logistics may seem straightforward to move equipment and reconnect on the new site, the reality can be an IT nightmare with your team moved but nobody in a position to do any work!

2. Building Access Issues:
There can be several layers of issues in building access. Either restricted parking in the area or no unloading bays for large commercial vehicles can make the move logistics even more challenging than they need to be. But equally, the building itself may present access issues, with large equipment expected to go through Georgian doors and be positioned on the third floor with no lifts, narrow staircases and awkward/impossible corners.

3. Communications/Responsibility Breakdown:
In larger scale moves it is important to establish clear lines of responsibility and communications at building floor levels and individual department levels. If that clarity and commitment from the team isn’t there, you can expect problems to arise where some critical aspect of the move falls between two stools and nobody takes responsibility. Your Workplace Relocations partner can be really helpful in ensuring that all the responsibilities are assigned, and everyone is clear on the role and remit.

4. Archiving/Storage Issues:
It is surprising the extent to which archives, files and storage facilities can be ignored in the relocation from one building to another. Typically, these areas are stuffed full of archive boxes, old marketing brochures and exhibition equipment that haven’t seen the light of day for over five years. While it is not such a problem providing the new location has a suitable storage facility, it does feel like an unnecessary burden on the relocation to pay for it all to be moved and to pay for the space it consumes in the new building. We highly recommend a thorough office reorganisation in advance of any major relocation. The chances are there will be plenty that can either be sent to waste, or recycled, or donated to local community organisations or stored in a suitable warehousing facility.

5. Contract Penalty Clauses:
With the focus on the move to the new location, it is not uncommon for organisations to lose sight of their existing commitments in their existing lease agreements. This could range from inconvenient notice periods to penalty clauses for vacating ahead of schedule or leaving the office facility in need of extensive repairs. It would not be unusual for contractual legal issues to affect your planned relocation date.

The Workplace Relocations team at Cronin Movers have been involved in numerous office relocations across Ireland. To avoid these Top 5 Pitfalls in office relocations, contact our team who can help you manage the risks and achieve a smooth and seamless office relocation.