Top 5 considerations when planning an office relocation

There are many reasons why an organisation might need to relocate their office facilities. This can range from an expansion or contraction of the business as a result of market forces, to a strategic decision to relocate for operational reasons, for instance reducing costs or increasing proximity to customers or key transport infrastructure i.e. motorways or airports etc. Whatever the reason for the move, our Workplace Relocations team have pulled together the top 5 considerations when planning an office relocation to help you ensure your relocation is successful.

1. Early Planning and onboarding:
Start the relocation planning process as early as possible because the amount of effort involved in planning is commonly underestimated. A well planned office relocation ensures that every aspect of the move is considered and every detail is addressed to minimise disruption to business operations. This includes onboarding your Workplace Relocation service providers that will carry out the move with your team. Remember they have been involved in so many large and small scale relocations that they will bring valuable knowledge, experiences, insights and planning templates to help you throughout the process.

2. Communications and organisation:
Make no mistake about it, a workplace relocation is a significant undertaking so you need to establish this as a project within the business and allocate the appropriate resources to make it succeed. Building and organising the team and establishing communications channels is a key step in that process. At Cronin Movers, we recommend having a nominated Move Champion in each location and sub-unit i.e. within different buildings, floors or even within different departments on the same floor. This is critically important to ensure that there is full accountability across the organisation and that each team is informed, involved and prepared for the office relocation.

3. Budgeting:
In the same way as some organisation underestimate the planning involved in an office relocation it can be surprising to see the number of organisations that underestimate the cost of an office relocation. This is one area where the early onboarding of your Workplace Relocation service partner can be particularly helpful. They can take into account your current office facilities and assess your new location to give you a reliable view on the likely costs you will incur in the move.

4. Suitability and accessibility:
Another benefit of early onboarding your Workplace Relocations partner is that they can provide advice prior to your legal commitment to any new premises. While there will inevitably be many business criteria involved in selecting the new office location and facility, there are also many practical considerations which can frequently get overlooked by organisations planning a move. This might be related to accessibility to public services or public transport links or it could be as simple as building accessibility. The accessibility issue may not just affect the move itself but subsequent deliveries to the premises may have some key access issues for delivery vehicles or even large equipment like photocopiers, filing and storage systems or boardroom tables. That move to a Georgian building in a central square in Dublin might have seemed idyllic, until you have to remove an upper floor window and hire a crane to move your equipment onto the top floor.

5. Contingency planning:
Every office relocation is unique and there are many areas where things can go wrong. It would not be unusual for either legal issues, IT connectivity issues or utility services availability to scupper a planned move date. So it is advisable to have a contingency plan to identify any potential issues that could arise and plan how they will be dealt with should they arise.

The Workplace Relocations team at Cronin Movers have been involved in numerous office relocations across Ireland. These Top 5 considerations when planning an office relocation provides useful guidance to help ensure your office relocation goes smoothly and minimises the disruption to your business.