Warehousing & Storage

Cronin Movers provides a comprehensive transportation, warehousing and storage service for the movement and storage of goods and specialist equipment to meet your requirements. 

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Scalable Warehousing & Storage Solutions

Whatever you warehouse needs, we can cater for the safe storage of your goods. Depending on your requirements, we can scale your storage service as needed. This means that if your business is seasonal and your need for space seasonally reduces then your warehouse cost will also be lower. Likewise your space requirements can scale up if required to handle the extra volume in your busy season. This scalable service is particularly suited to SMEs. As your business grows, your storage needs will too. So, rather than invest in a logistics infrastructure, companies move to a transactional, variable cost model where distribution costs can parallel their revenue streams.
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Features of our Warehousing & Storage Facilities:

+ Onsite Crate Workshop & Export Packing Facilities

Inventory Control IT System

Our WMS-TMS IT is a state-of-the-art Warehouse Management System that is highly secure with EDI capabililities to manage inventory, spare parts, consumables, distribution, final mile delivery and reverse logistics. Ask one of our team how our IT technology can help your inventory control!

High-end warehousing & storage provider

Our specialist secure warehouse facility is capable of storing even the most valuable or delicate pieces of equipment. We have provided storage of everything from IT Servers and Electronics to sensitive Medtech, Biopharmachem and Life Sciences equipment. Over 30 years of precision crate making and export packing experience has taught us the importance of accurately assessing an item, establishing the correct way to safely pack, handle and store it, so it will be in perfect working order when needed again. As an added service, we can also provide moisture protection for sensitive items we pack and crate to prevent any degradation of your capital equipment over time. Speak to one of our team to find out more information on our barrier foiling and vacuum packing services. Check out our LinkedIn page for more examples of our work!

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