Surface Hub Installations

Cronin Movers provides a specialist logistics service for the transportation, storage and location onsite of Surface Hub Installations for your key event or meeting.  

Installation of a Surface Hub

If you’re looking to get your hands on one, you’ll need to contact an authorised reseller. Authorised resellers can assist with lots of aspects of your acquisition, from an initial consultation to check that a Microsoft Hub is right for you, pre-site inspection, installation, deployment and after-care service.

Finding Authorised Resellers

Resellers offer a range of services and devices to fit your needs, often with lots of optional support to get you up and running quickly. Support can include end-user training and post-sale tech support. Resellers can also offer financing support, to try to make the Surface Hub more accessible for SMEs. The best place to find authorised resellers is through the Microsoft site. This will show you the resellers available in your area and give you the means to begin your enquiry.

Is a Surface Hub for you?

Surface hubs are a great addition to your key events and meetings. They can effortlessly facilitate real-time collaboration with colleagues or potential customers internationally. The large screen and crystal clear image will make it feel as though they’re virtually in the room with you.

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