Data Centre and server relocation

Cronin Movers manages data centre and server relocations with a complete international door-to-door service for the safe removal of complex IT systems and for the delivery of new installations in highly sensitive and regulated environments.

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Specialist Data Centre and Server Relocations

Our team of specialist movers possess a wealth of experience in relocating sensitive IT, power and server equipment. Our expert will carry out a full scoping exercise prior to any move, to identify; exact job requirements, any potential risks, in order to plan and schedule the move, and to build in contingencies where required. Many customers take the relocation opportunity to replace and upgrade different aspects of their equipment and infrastructure, which is something our team are happy to accommodate and can offer expert advice on. As a business we are fully committed to a culture of Health & Safety for our team and our client’s team on these relocation projects. We also practice environmental responsibility by ensuring our packing materials and crates are reusable or recyclable.
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Data Centre and server relocation – transport

Cronin Movers has been providing expert logistics for IT, power and data centre infrastructure for many years. Our team know exactly how to expertly pack and transport the most sensitive equipment to prevent any damage in transit. We offer precision crate making expertise with anti-static and anti-vibration capabilities. We have specialist vehicles with air suspension and cushion pads to further protect your equipment from any damage during transport, and Cronin can even offer temperate-controlled deliveries or storage where required.
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