When its current lease with Wilton Park runs out next year, IDA Ireland will begin a 25-year lease at Three Park Place, which is located on Upper Hatch Street in Dublin 2. IDA Ireland has been in operation for almost 70 years and has leased at Wilton Park in Dublin 2 for approximately the past 35 years. The new building that IDA is moving to is 170,000 square feet and was recently developed by the Clancourt Group for €80 million. IDA Ireland will rent out 6 floors, and two other agencies including Science Foundation Ireland and Sustainable Energy Authority of Energy will rent out the remaining 3 floors. IDA will pay €645 per sq m and an additional €180,000 for 45 parking spaces. Mary Buckley, executive director of IDA, says that the new location positions the company nicely for marketing globally.