Doing our bit for nature

At Cronin Movers we take great pride in the various activities we support as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility. Our latest project has been some time in the making before we could share some images with you. Our Dublin base on the edge of the Industrial Estate is probably the last place you would expect nature to be flourishing, which was all the more reason for us to choose this project to support our local natural environment.

On our property we are now embracing biodiversity by cultivating a mini-meadow with wild grasses and flowers to support pollination and provide a habitat that encourages bees, insects and birds.

We have also upcycled off-cuts of timber from our crating work to make bird boxes, which cater for different species of birds and these have been hung up adjacent to our meadow. Having taken the advice of one of our keen members of staff, we are now looking forward to seeing Blue Tits, Sparrows and Starlings make their home in our nesting boxes. You never know, they might decide they need our relocation services at some point in the future. Failing that, maybe they’ll just spread the word that we’re really nice people to work with!

“A little bird tells me…”.

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