A 140-tonne Deaerator has been transported from Kilnhurst to the Port of Immingham, in the UK. To facilitate the transportation of the Deaerator, route surveys identified extensive street furniture modifications and removals that would be required to ensure that the 28.3 m x 5.64 m x 5.65 m cargo could navigate the 180.2 km route from the factory in Kilnhurst, to the Port of Immingham. This included the removal of gates, signposts, traffic lights and bollards, the ramping of curbs, the partial surfacing of a roundabout, and tree pruning. A Mega Lift system was utilised to load the 140-tonne vessel onto a modular drawbar 16-axle trailer and a four-axle ballast tractor before onward transportation. Cable lifting engineers accompanied the load to manually raise cables or obstructing wires, while the hydraulic suspension of the trailer allowed for the lowering of the trailer bed. At the Port of Immingham, a Power Boost Module was used to maneuver the trailer and position the cargo alongside the awaiting heavy lift vessel.