Cronin Movers provides professional crating services to meet customer’s specific requirements, with premium protection through storage and shipping. 

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Onsite Crating and Packing Service

Our onsite crating and packing team design and construct high quality crating and packing for export, shipping and storage. We have a wealth of experience and seamlessly combine best practice methods that we have developed with current innovations in crating and packing. Our team offers a comprehensive service using tilt detection systems and equipment protection methods including moisture protection and barrier foiling. Our crating solutions are also ISPM 15. ISPM 15 is the International Phytosanitary Measure outlining the standards required for wood materials when shipping between countries. With our crating team, you can be sure your valuable equipment is in safe hands.
Crating Ireland

We’ve provided crating services to a range of industries:

Crating Ireland

Custom Crating

We custom build crating solutions to ensure your equipment is transported safely by road, sea or air. All crates with skids incorporate 4-way forklift/pallet truck access for convenience.

Specialist crating services

Our specialist crating services are regularly used by equipment manufacturers and distributors, datacentres, Technology firms, Pharmaceutical manufacturers and Food & Beverage manufacturers. We can support the onsite removal and relocation of specialist equipment or the movement and installation of new equipment onsite. We cater for even the most specialist requirements including anti-shock & anti-static protection. This gives us the capability to provide crating and packing for the most specialist, highly sensitive items whilst maintaining their integrity. Check out our LinkedIn page for more examples of the work we undertake!
Crating Ireland

Export Crating

We can also provide a transport and export service for your crated goods both nationally and worldwide. Our extensive experience in land, air and sea export ensures your goods will always have the correct customs clearance.  

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