Specialist relocations

Cronin Movers has extensive relocation experience outside of the commercial office space.  We have relocated a wide range of commercial businesses and public sector organisations including hospitals, laboratories, museums, factories, colleges, libraries and universities.Specialist Relocations

We appreciate the unique requirements associated with specialist moves including the complexities of relocating whilst maintaining operations.  We have extensive expertise in planning and delivering works outside of operational hours to avoid potential conflicts with employees, students and the public.

Our services include:

  • Planning and management of specialist projects
  • Decommissioning and recommissioning of specialist machinery and equipment
  • We offer heavy lift services for decommissioning and recommissioning intricate works, this has included church organs and historical statues.
  • Laser levelling and re-bolting of machinery
  • Comprehensive and specialist packing, crating and transit services
  • Dismantling and reassembling of racking systems
  • Inventory and asset management services

Securely and safely delivered

Our strict vetting and security processes ensure that all of our operatives are cleared to work at the highest government levels.  

Our experienced staff are given detailed instructions on site including specific health, safety and emergency procedures. Crews are all fully trained and certified in the use of all required specialist moving equipment.  With a fleet of Cronin Movers branded vehicles and live vehicle tracking, our clients can have total confidence in the security and safety of our operations


Wide ranging experience and client base

Our specialist relocation services include:


Cronin Movers are experts in the delivery of relocation projects for hospitals, laboratories, medical and biomedical parks having been involved in the largest relocation projects in Ireland for over thirty years.

Museums, fine arts and antiques

We are skilled and practiced in the handling, packing, transportation and storage of high value items such as museum collections, fine art and antiques as standalone moves or as part of wider relocation projects.

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