IT Relocations

The movement and relocation of technical equipment is a sensitive task that is frequently complex and requires a talented team of well trained and experienced movers. At Cronin Movers, we provide that specialist capability and are adept at Server Relocation, Data Centre Moves, Surface Hub relocation and installation etc. Our team have the know how to ensure you have peace of mind.

With all IT Relocation projects, the key to success is through well thought through planning. We bring extensive planning skills to all services we provide and when relocating servers or Data Centre equipment we bring significant expertise. We use a specific approach and specialised equipment when tasked with a server relocation or performing a data centre migration.IT Relocations

Just some of the services we provide in this area include:

    • Pack and Transport – Pack de-racked servers, switches etc. into protective crates and transport them along with associated IT equipment to the new location, which can be within your existing building, or in a new environment. The equipment is then unpacked and handed over to your team.
    • De-Rack and Re-Rack – As above but our team also removes the equipment from the rack, then re- racks everything at the destination according to your rack plan.
    • De-Commission and Re-Commission – As above but with our team removing all cabling etc. while carefully documenting the process involved. Then re-cabling at the destination according to your rack plan and set-up schedule.

    We work with your team where required to ensure that all re-located equipment is operating in a comparable manner as to when it was de-commissioned.

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