Privacy Policy

Cronin Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to Cronin Movers Group. Please take the time to read our privacy policy.

In the course of serving you as an individual client or as someone associated with a corporate or institutional client, Cronin Movers Group may obtain personal information about you. Obtaining this information is important to our ability to deliver the highest level of service to you, but we recognise that you expect us to treat this information appropriately.

This policy describes the types of personal information we may collect about you, the purposes for which we use the information, the circumstances in which we may share the information, and the steps that we take to safeguard the information to protect your privacy. As used throughout this policy, term Cronin, refers to Cronin Movers Group Ltd., and its affiliates worldwide.

The Information We Have About You

If you deal with Cronin in your individual capacity (i.e. as a private client), the typical information we collect about you would include:

  • Your name, address and other contact details.
  • Your age, occupation and marital status and other relocation/move related data
  • Your role/position/title and area of responsibility, and certain identifying information as required by laws and regulations addressing insurance and related matters

Individuals may request details of personal information which we hold at any time.

Of course, you are not required to supply any of the personal information that we may request. While we make every effort to ensure that all information we hold about you is accurate, complete and up to date, you can help us considerably in this by promptly notifying us if there are any changes to your personal information.

1.    Privacy

We are committed to protecting your privacy during your visits to our website, and we recognise our responsibility to keep the information you provide to us confidential at all times.

We will only use or disclose your personal information in circumstances advised to you when you provide the information or when you request a service, or as described in the terms and conditions of your existing agreement with us.

Hard-copy customer information is kept in a secure place in accordance with Data Protection requirements; for further protection, any credit, debit or payment details are destroyed once processed. Destruction is normally by means of shredding.

2.    Security

Strict security procedures are followed in the storage and disclosure of your personal information.

When you provide personal information to us on our website, we ensure that your browser encrypts it. We use encryption technology to achieve this. We use the same technology when sending information back to your browser.

3.    Cookies

A cookie is information that a website stores on your computer so that it can remember something about you at a later time. Cookies are commonly used on the internet and do not harm your computer. You can find out more about the way cookies work by going to

The cookies used on our website do not collect any personal information that others could read and understand about you, such as your name.

4.    Disabling Cookies

If you do not want us to use cookies when you visit when you visit our website, you can configure your browser not to accept them. Disabling the use of cookies should not adversely affect your use of the website. To find out how to disable the use of cookies, please refer to your browsers help facility or the manufacturer’s instruction manual.

This Policy will be review annually for continuing suitability and compliance with legal requirements.

If you have any questions, feedback or complaint concerning Cronin’s privacy policy, please contact